Thursday, 11 May 2006

Mac G6?

Someone has sent me a link to an ad for a Mac G6 for under $500. I didn't even know Apple had made a G6, though I've heard a lot about the Intel Core Duo.

Let's have a look at it. Oh, yeah, that's an Apple all right. Look at the ground-breaking design. The clean lines.

Either that or it's an ugly and unlicensed box shipped out of Thailand with pirated OS software. As indeed seems to be the case.

I'm getting a feeling that now that Macs have gone Intel, and they're starting to attract attention in the Windows world, they'll be susceptible to some of the same issues, like viruses, security problems, and illegal clones. Here's hoping Apple will go proactive on them.

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  1. hola daniel....i felt like i also left without expressing myself adequately...and i thought that commenting under an outdated macg6 blog would fly fairly under the radar....i understand the decision that you made and you how came to it....but yes you delivered quite harshly the first time!and also crossing you off my uni friends list means my list is now at zero (cue violins)..and finally, talking to you was proving to be quite the delight...i hope you are well and still delightful...alimac
    ps in a conversation the other day a girl used the word 'dramastic'..should we alert oxford?


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