Saturday, 15 March 2008

Australians inexplicably irked about 'beaver ad'

New limits on taboo terms? Not only can you not use bodily euphemisms, some folks get huffy if you even suggest them.
A tampon company may be forced to cancel TV ads that show an attractive, young woman going about her day with a beaver in tow.
Here's the ad.

Just think: every woman is walking around with one of those things. Interesting. But it got some people feeling all hot and confused.
The Advertising Standards Bureau in Canberra received a "large number" of complaints as soon as the ad aired on Sunday - the day after International Women's Day.
I wonder how large a number it was. Wouldn't you think someone that uptight would be too clueless to even get the reference? On second thought, nah. Anti-sex people have minds like sewers, and it scares them.

What might those two guys on the beach be saying, by the way? My guess was too predictable.


  1. that had me laughing out loud! Thanks for posting that one Daniel. I fear my caption would be too predictable as well.

  2. Something like: Heyyyy, nice beaver! Right?

    I don't know why people are objecting to a cute little beaver. Perhaps they'd be happier if the women were each carrying a cat.

    Or just a big giant fish.

  3. I thought they were saying something more like: That's one huuuuge beaver!

    I like the ad, it makes me laugh.
    I'd like to know how many complaints there were, the age bracket who complained, and the socioeconomic status they hold.


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