Friday, 16 July 2010

Well done, Argentina. Boo, LDS leaders.

Argentina votes for marriage equality.

It's worth pointing out again that the leadership of the LDS Church, not content with interfering in the legislation of neighbouring US states, decided to broadcast its opposition in Argentina before the vote.
"The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is absolutely clear: Marriage is between one man and woman and is ordained of God," said the July 6 letter from church President Thomas S. Monson.

A copy of the letter and its English translation began circulating over the weekend on websites for former Mormons.

Church spokeswoman Kim Farah on Monday confirmed the letter was sent to local leaders in Argentina, where the faith has more than 371,000 members, according to a 2010 church almanac. The country's population is more than 41 million.
The letter falls short of calling for political activism by members in Argentina, but is an echo of a 2008 letter from Monson to Latter-day Saints in California. Monson had called for Mormons to give their time and money to help pass Proposition 8, a state ballot initiative to ban gay marriage.
So, another step in the wrong direction. I've said this before: Homo-hating might have been a winning strategy back in the day, but it's only going to become less and less popular as time goes on. With such a long paper trail, the Mormon Church is really going to have a hard time walking this back eventually.

So will Catholics.

Mormon leaders, Catholic leaders -- there's less and less to distinguish them now. They are truly loathsome individuals.


  1. The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is absolutely clear: Marriage is between one man and woman and is ordained of God

    Um, except when it was between one man and many women? Until God changed Her mind? Because she was wrong?

  2. :D

    I got chills watching that clip

  3. You know, weird thing here.. ever since Monson became the Pres. I kept mixing him up in my mind with Brigham Young. I had wondered why the mix-up but now I'm thinking maybe Monson IS Young, reincarnated!

  4. EoR: Maybe when they said "Marriage is", they meant stative 'is'. Like Spanish estar.

  5. What I found interesting about this episode was how generic and non-specific the LDS statements were.

    Basically, all they did was re-read portions on the Proclamation on the Family and leave it at that. They didn't encourage anything further. They didn't even tell people whether to vote for or against the bill.

    Makes me wonder if they didn't like some aspect of how California turned out, and decided to tone it back on this one.


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