Friday, 3 December 2010

Extraordinary Claims

Love the look of this website -- Extraordinary Claims -- by the Centre for Inquiry Canada. Love the content too. It's a rundown of a whole crop of bogus ideas, from Allah to Xenu.

From the blog:
Why is belief in Bigfoot dismissed as delusional while belief in Allah and Christ is respected and revered? All of these claims are equally extraordinary and demand critical examination.

At CFI Canada we challenge ideas and ask tough questions to promote reason, science, secularism and freedom of inquiry.
I think I could read this all afternoon. There goes today's productivity.

And if you've read the website, why not ride the bus? Only catch is, you have to be in Toronto.
The atheist group behind last year's controversial bus ads suggesting "there's probably no God" is rolling out a provocative new set of posters on buses across the country that places Allah beside Big Foot and Christ beside psychics.
They will hit Toronto streetcars in January, pending final approval from the Toronto Transit Commission, said Justin Trottier, national executive director of the Centre for Inquiry, an atheist organization. After the Toronto debut, the organization plans to post the ads to buses in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Saskatoon and Montreal.
The rest of us can but hope to have such liberal-minded bus advertisers.


  1. aha! another great reason to move to Canada :)

  2. An insult to bigfoot to share the banner with homeopathy ;)

  3. They did this in Fort Worth TX, and so a group of Christians hired a van to follow the atheist bus around with their competing message. They even tried a boycott of the buses.

  4. Stalker bus!

    It seems their campaign was successful. Fort Worth buses no longer allow religious or irreligious ads because of public pressure

    And what was the message that Christians found so offensive?

    “Millions of Americans are good without God.”

    To them, being good without crediting some deity = evil.


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