Thursday, 9 January 2014

Extra Talk the Talk banter

I always upload Talk the Talk episodes on Tuesday morning, but today I decided to have a chat with the smooth-voiced James Hall of RTRfm. He had a question about hyphens. So here's the clip.


  1. Pretty funny. After learning Japanese, where they have no respect for spaces between words, I learned that hyphens, spaces and such are mere typographical convention and "length of word" had no other meaning.

    I love google ngram to watch the growth of ideas and phrases. For example, "proper grammar" did not really take off until about the 1960s!

  2. I have a random question, the product of a game of pictionary, an Argentinian accent, and trying to prove my brother wrong. I looked in my dictionary, but could you tell me if there is a phonetic difference between the words 'poll' and 'pole' with an Australian accent?

    1. Great question! I'm going to answer it on the next episode, number 149: Tongue Twisters.

    2. Thank you for answering my question! Sadly, I lost the bet so if my brother asks about the answer I'm just going to act confused and change the subject.


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