Sunday, 23 February 2014

Telling Mormons about Mormonism

It was O-Day at UWA, and I like to help out with the UWA Atheist and Skeptic Society. Would you believe: our booth was right next to the Mormons.

I learned something rather surprising: faithful active Mormons seem to be completely unaware of the new essays on church topics. Could it be that there was a purpose in releasing them in the dead of night with zero fanfare?

So I took it upon myself to tell them about these wonderful resources put out by the church.

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  1. Daniel,

    Perhaps you've heard of Peter Boghossian, author of a Manual for Creating Atheists?

    He's a "street epistemologist" and advocate of "interventions" intended to separate people from faith.


    The Humanist Hour Interview (Interview start at 14 minutes)

    Might be a good read/listen/discussion for your Atheist and Skeptic Society




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